Rock Philosophy

Nothing is important except the
beauty that I see this morning.

The sunrise sits, dark red
In the valleys of the black mountains.
Pools of molten lava.

Time around me is but a dream.
only this moment, and the beauty here
is real
Sunlight bounces off
The blue glass building on the corner.
It lights and dyes the asphalt
The palest greenish blue.
There isn't anything that
really matters except the
beauty of this instant.

Dark green trees, new leaves,
Light green painted on the ends of the branches
A delicate hand and a dry brush.

The battles and frustrations of the
day are insignificant. Dwarfed
by the intensity of the beauty
that I see before me.
A bluegreen bush,
Decorated with blue berries and pink flowers,
Delicate and defient,
Blooming in midwinter's rain.
Pain and fear are but fleeting
illusions. The world is this
beauty and it is timeless.
A black silhouette of trees,
Against a red horizon,
Under an indigo sky,
Where hangs a single bright star.
This beauty alone is real.
There is no pain in this moment.
This moment is all.
There is beauty.



By Suli Marr